Balance of Nature Reviews: Is it Worth the Hype

Introduced in 1997, Balance of Nature is a popular diet supplement that offers nutrition as fruits and vegetables have. It has been claimed by the manufacturer that the supplement contains the benefits of eating 31 whole fruits and veggies in a capsule. 

In today’s hectic life schedule where people have no time to eat fruits and vegetables on time, the Balance of nature comes to fulfill the requirement of vitamins and minerals in our body found in fruits and veggies. Despite having various claims, it still needs to be determined among the people whether it is as healthy as a whole fruit or veggies or a waste of money. How much it costs? Fret not! In this blog, we are here with this guide that will enlighten the important facts about the balance of nature reviews and will satisfy all your queries regarding it. 

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Introduction to Balance of Nature

Aiming to offer a complete nutritional supplement to the customers the brand Balance of Nature has introduced a fruits and veggies supplement that can fulfill the requirement of natural fruits and vegetables in our body in the form of a capsule. Focussing on the principle of natural nutrition, the company has adopted an innovative approach to dietary supplements and formulated capsules by harnessing the benefits of natural fruits and veggies that individuals can take in their daily diet.

The brand Balance of Nature claims that the veggies and fruits are cultivated on their farm and then the dietary supplement is prepared by the original fruit extracts. In addition, it helps in digestion and is beneficial for the overall health of the individual.

Balance of Nature Ingredients:  An Overview

The ingredients used in the formulation of the Balance of Nature are completely organic and are cultivated naturally to pack in a capsule. It is said that the Balance of Nature supplement is free from additives, preservatives, sweeteners, and pesticides. The gluten-free tablets consist of the essentials of whole healthy fruits and vegetables along with a blend of spices and fibers that has an impact on the overall health of individuals.

The balance of natural vitamins is obtained from the extracts of real fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, pineapples, oranges, and many other fruits. The broad spectrum of fruits has unique benefits on overall health which have been encapsulated in the Balance of Nature fruit and veggies tablets.

Apart from these, it is a supplement to veggies that one can not eat as a whole. The balance of natural fruit and veggies tablets is a blend of a wide array of vegetables like broccoli and spinach, along with other healthy veggies..

Cost of Balance of Nature

Before you wish to opt for it as a dietary supplement, it is necessary to know the balance of natural cost.  The supplement can be purchased online from the company’s website for $89.95. It also offers subscription services to its customers through its “Subscribe & save” option and offers its product at a discounted price of $69.95 per month.

Besides these, the customers can avail of other benefits like free shipping, automatic delivery for 28 days, and many more facilities by paying an initial fee of $24.95.

Pros and Cons of Balance of Nature

To conclude about the balance of nature reviews, it is necessary to assess its positive and negative points. Here are some points to consider before opting for it.


  • The capsules contain the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in powdered form.
  • As the company claims it is a tested product by a third party.
  • The supplement is free from gluten and GMOs 
  • It has zero added sugar and no preservatives have been added to it.
  • On purchasing online, it offers a subscription service to the customers to get the product at a discounted price.


  • It may be more expensive than natural fruits and veggies.
  • It has not been proven that the product is organic.
  • The percentage of nutrients in the product has been kept vague.

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