Andrew Weissmann Wife: Debra Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann Wife


Due to his stellar legal career, Andrew Weissmann’s personal life—specifically, his marital status—has unavoidably come under scrutiny. Ben is the son of Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann, with whom he is blissfully married. This article delves further into the life of Debra Weissmann, including her training, career, and civil rights accomplishments.

Debra Weissmann’s Early Life

While the exact marriage date remains unknown, Andrew and Debra Weissmann are a united couple, navigating life together with their son, Ben. Curiosity leads us to explore Debra’s life before her marriage to the prominent American attorney.

Meet Andrew Weissmann’s Wife

Debra Weissmann, Andrew Weissmann’s wife, is a notable person in her own right in addition to being a companion. Examining her past, including her career and accomplishments, illuminates their relationship’s complexities.

Their Love Story

Every couple has a unique story of how they met and fell in love. Andrew Weissmann and his wife are no exception. Uncovering the narrative of their love story provides insights into the human side of these public figures.

Family Life

There are difficulties involved in navigating family life in the spotlight. A level of relatability is added to Andrew Weissmann and his wife’s tale when one understands how they handle their family’s business, including any public appearances or remarks.

Debra’s Education

Debra embarked on a remarkable academic journey, studying law at Syracuse Law School. Her commitment to excellence shines through her graduation with Phy Beta Kappa honors, setting the stage for a promising career in law.

Debra’s private sector career

After graduating, Debra entered the private sector, advocating for those in need of legal representation. Her competence was broad, encompassing family law, civil rights, labor law, and immigration law. This phase of freelancing was brief, as she rose to partner rank at a Syracuse legal firm.

Rise to Partner at a Law Firm

Debra’s move to a legal firm constituted a watershed moment in her career, catapulting her to the position of partner. Her professional career continued with positions as Deputy Director at Legal Services of North Carolina and then as Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs at Carolina Law Faculty.

Recognition and Awards

Debra’s significant contributions to civil rights earned her the prestigious ACLU’s Frank Porter Graham Award. This recognition solidified her standing in the legal community.


With a strong academic background, Debra Weissmann delved into extensive research, focusing on migration, immigration laws, political economy, human rights, and gender violence. Her work found a platform in publications such as the Columbia Human Rights Journal and the Boston College Law Review.

Andrew Weissmann’s Background

To appreciate Debra’s backing, a look at Andrew Weissmann’s past is required.Born in New York in 1958, Andrew attended Columbia Law School, Princeton University, and the University of Geneva.

Andrew’s Tenure as Assistant US Attorney

When Andrew Weissmann served as an Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of New York from 1991 to 2002, his career took a significant turn. Following his handling of more than 20 cases—some of which included well-known criminal families—he gained recognition for his legal acumen.

Recognition from President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush selected Weissmann as Deputy Director in 2002, honoring his contribution in the prosecution of more than 30 offenders. This was a big milestone in his career.

Private Sector and FBI

Weissmann worked briefly in the private sector in 2005 before joining the FBI in 2011, where he served as General Counsel until 2015.

Department of Justice and Special Counsel

Weissmann’s dedication to public service continued as he worked for the Department of Justice until 2017. Later, he was a crucial member of a Special Counsel team till 2019.

Debra Weissmann’s Net Worth

While details about Debra’s net worth remain elusive, Andrew Weissmann’s substantial net worth, estimated at nearly $50 million, hints at a comfortable life for the couple.


In conclusion, this article sheds light on Debra Weissmann, the supportive partner of the distinguished legal authority Andrew Weissmann. Despite the private nature of their personal life, Debra’s academic achievements and contributions to civil rights stand out. With a shared son named Ben, the Weissmanns continue to navigate their private and professional lives with grace.


  • Is Debra Weissmann still actively practicing law?
    • The article does not provide current information on Debra Weissmann’s current legal practice.
  • How many cases did Andrew Weissmann handle during his tenure as Assistant US Attorney?
    • When Andrew Weissmann was an Assistant US Attorney, he handled over 20 cases.
  • What is the significance of the ACLU’s Frank Porter Graham Award?
    • The award recognizes significant contributions to civil rights, which Debra Weissmann received for her achievements in the field.
  • What are some of the topics Debra Weissmann researched and published articles on?
    • Debra Weissmann researched topics such as migration, immigration laws, political economy, human rights, and gender violence.
  • What is Andrew Weissmann’s current role at Jenner & Block?
    • Andrew Weissmann currently serves as the co-chair of investigations at Jenner & Block.

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