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Matt Walsh Wife


When delving into the life of Matt Walsh, the controversial political commentator, it’s impossible to ignore the integral role played by Matt Walsh wife, Alissa Ann Linnemann. This article delves more into their long-term marriage, family dynamics, and the unique parts of their personal lives.

Who is Matt Walsh’s Wife?

Alissa Ann Linnemann, born in the ’80s, is the wife of Matt Walsh. While details about her childhood are scarce, she is college-educated and has a beloved sister whom she frequently visits. Unlike Matt, she opted for higher education, showcasing a distinction in their paths.

How Matt and Alissa Met

Their love story began on the eHarmony dating app, designed for lasting relationships. Despite some disputes about its efficacy, it proved successful for Matt and Alissa. Following a period of dating, the pair became engaged, and they married on October 29, 2011.

The Wedding

Despite the terrible storm, their wedding day was full with pleasure and celebration. Matt’s groomsmen made poignant speeches that highlighted the strength of their ties.

Marriage Journey

Matt and Alissa currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee, portraying a strong union on social media. Matt consistently praises Alissa’s virtues, remembering their journey as unexpected, adventurous, and always beautiful.

Matt’s Appreciation for Alissa

Matt Walsh publicly describes his wife as the most caring and sensitive person he has ever met. He values her constant support and recognizes her role in bringing joy and love into their lives.

The Walsh Family’s Children

The couple has six children, including two pairs of twins. Despite obstacles, Matt and Alissa share their enthusiasm for the unusual excursions that their huge family takes on, sharing glimpses of their lives on social media.

Shared Beliefs

The foundation of Matt and Alissa’s enduring marriage lies in their shared beliefs. Alissa supports Matt’s conservative views, particularly on pro-life stances and family size decisions.

Backlash and Controversies

Alissa’s public support for Matt has sometimes led to backlash, especially when Matt expressed controversial opinions. Alissa, however, has defended her choices and beliefs on social media.

Alissa’s Aspirations

Post-college, Alissa worked part-time in retail and ran a blog titled “DIY Mom of Twins.” While currently focusing on raising her kids, she aspires to enter real estate and house flipping in the future.


In conclusion, Matt Walsh’s family life, centered around Alissa and their six children, provides a unique perspective on a public figure’s personal journey. Their common ideals, joys, and hardships make their story both relevant and compelling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How did Matt and Alissa meet?
    • Matt and Alissa met on the eHarmony dating app, which led to their eventual marriage.
  • What challenges have Matt and Alissa faced in their marriage?
    • While specifics aren’t detailed, the couple has faced challenges, typical of any long-term relationship.
  • How many children do Matt and Alissa have?
    • The couple has six children, including two sets of twins.
  • How does Alissa handle criticism of her husband’s views?
    • Alissa has responded to criticism on social media, defending her beliefs and choices.
  • What are Alissa’s future aspirations?
    • Alissa plans to enter the real estate industry and pursue house flipping in the future.

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