Loaded with a  lot of software and hardware to monitor ECG to heart health, the Apple watch is an amazing gadget that will let you view time even in the dark by brightening the screen when moving toward your face. But the lighting on your screen may cause disturbance especially when you are watching a movie in a theater or viewing any performance in dark mode and you don’t want to distract others too. This is when theater mode on your Apple Watch will come into use and you can enable or disable it.

If you are not much aware of the apple watch theater mode, then you are at the right place, this guide will help you in understanding everything about it in this post. Have a read.

What is Theater Mode on Apple Watch?

Theater mode on Apple Watch prevents the screen gestures and switches on Silent Mode and lets others not be distracted by the screen of your Apple watch. Activating the theater mode Apple watch will mute all the audio and put the screen on dark mode and you can watch any show in the dark mode flawlessly without any distraction.

When theater mode is activated, an orange icon with two masks will appear on your Apple Watch’s control center at the upper side of the screen.

How to Turn off Theater Mode on Apple Watch?

Turning on or off Theater mode is a super easy procedure. Here are the steps on how to turn off theater mode on the apple watch.

  • Press and hold the bottom of the screen from your Apple watch’s clock face.
  • Swipe up to open the control center.
  • Here you need to find the two masks icon ie. “Theater Mode” and tap on it
  • Here tap the “Theater Mode” icon again to deactivate it on your Apple Watch

Now you can enable or disable Theater Mode according to your preference.

What Does Theater Mode on Apple Watch Do?

Apple watch is the smartest device and it lightens up when you raise your watch towards your face and you can look at it.  The screen of your Apple watch will brighten up all the time when you raise or roll your wrist in the direction of your face. But sometimes you don’t want it to happen as it will create a hindrance to watching anything in dark mode.

In such instances, you can turn on the theater mode apple watch and it will not let that happen. 

Don’t be worried about your calls and messages, you will get notified by vibrating your Apple Watch.
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