Comfast extenders are the most popular when it comes to providing a seamless and blazing-fast internet connection. However, like any other electronic device, a Comfast WiFi extender is prone to certain technical issues too. And the extender not connecting to internet is the topmost issue that’s becoming a real headache for certain users.

Are you also struggling with the same issue? If the answer to the question is yes, we understand your pain! In this article, we’ve mentioned a few tips that’ll help you in troubleshooting the issue without performing the Comfast WiFi extender reset. Read on.

How to Fix Comfast Extender Not Connecting to Internet Issue?

Walk through the troubleshooting tips mentioned below and learn how to connect your Comfast extender to the internet without any trouble:

Restart the Extender

Already done that? No problem. Try it again! But this time, be sure to follow the instructions that we have mentioned below:

  • Power off your Comfast WiFi extender.

  • Pull out the power cable from the wall socket.

  • Also, turn off your router.

  • Now, let your devices rest for some time.

  • After like a minute or two, connect your devices.

  • Press the Power button on the extender as well as the router.

Check the Extender Configuration

Were you careful enough while configuring your Comfast WiFi extender? A wrongly configured extender can also be one of the contributing reasons why you aren’t able to access the internet on connected devices. But, worry not. It’s not too late to reflect on your mistake.

Make sure that you properly configure your Comfast WiFi extender via ap.setup.

Ban Wireless Connections

One of the major reasons why you’re facing the extender not connecting to internet issue is because your extender is connected to the router wirelessly. Connecting devices wirelessly isn’t bad but sometimes, it can lead to connectivity issues.

Thus, to avoid those connectivity issues, it is recommended that you make use of an Ethernet cable to connect your extender and router. Once a stable connection between your devices has been established, try to access ap.setup and see if the internet issue persists.

If it does, then waste no time in jumping to the next troubleshooting step.

Perform Comfast Firmware Update

Updating the firmware of your WiFi device is important if you want it to function properly. Thus, ensure that you’ve performed Comfast firmware update. Otherwise, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting stuck with internet-related issues:

  • Use a cable and connect your Comfast extender with the router.

  • Then, switch on your laptop and open an internet browser on it.

  • Type the default web address in the address bar and press the Enter button.

  • Fill in the password of your device and hit Log In.

  • Theap.setup page will appear on your screen.

  • Then, navigate to the Settings option.

  • Click on the Firmware Update button under the Administration section.

  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to update your Comfast WiFi extender.

In this manner, you’ll successfully be able to update the firmware of your home extender. Now, check whether you’re still facing the Comfast extender not connecting to internet issue. Hopefully, not.


If you follow the aforementioned troubleshooting tips carefully, you’ll surely be able to get rid of the Comfast extender not connecting to internet issue. Once the issue is resolved you will able to enjoy the blazing fast internet throughout the house again.

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