Matchmaking Kundli or Kundli Milan is a Vedic astrological assessment of the planetary positions, transits and gunas of the bride and groom. The kundali, horoscope or birth chart shows the positions of the planets at the time of a person’s birth. It is used to interpret all celestial events and influences in a person’s life. It is a fundamental aspect of astrology. Kundali can be generated very easily if one is aware of exact date, time and place of birth. Kundali pairing is one of the most important steps in a marriage if it takes place in the Hindu community. It is the correct analysis of the stars of both, the bride and groom to ensure that their married life is filled with prosperity. The details required for Matchmaking by Kundali are same, date of birth, time and place of both people.

Aspects of Matchmaking Kundli

The planets have a heavy impact on everyone’s lives. Thus, when marriage as a ceremony joins two souls into one, it is important to ensure that they are compatible with each other, leading to conjugal bliss. The bond between two individuals plays a vital role in marriage. Moon placement is an important aspect of Vedic astrology and kundali matching as it provides astrologers with the moon sign as well as the Rashi of the couple. Gunas or eight elements are used to match and examine the future of the bride and groom. Each topic or criteria is assessed based on individual characteristics and then the results are calculated to determine whether the two people are compatible or not. The combined results give us numerous assessments that can be studied or delved into to understand each case. The influence of stars and planets related to marriage is also examined.

The total number of attributes or “weapon” on the basis of which the match is make is 36. Astrologers say that for a marriage to work, at least 50 percent of the attributes should match or be in sync, i.e. 18 out of 36 should match for it to be ensure the marriage took place. If any defect or non-conformity is find, it is recommend to take necessary measures to avoid harmful consequences. If a marriage is start without paying attention to these things, it can later lead to disagreements and separation. Another important aspect of kundali matchmaker for the Mangal dosha.

How is it a Key Asset

Therefore, the horoscope proves to be necessary in today’s situation, when everything is including marriage is take for granted. This technique highlights and elaborates on the shortcomings of the union and provides some remedies to deal with them. This creates a solid ground and connection between the couple. Today we are surround by people who may not consider astrology important or useful, some may also consider horoscope matching “orthodox”, but there is logic in everything if one commits to looking deeper. Astrology is also a science, a science that focuses on the anatomy of the planets themselves. Hindi Kundli online compatibility can prove beneficial if all aspects are give due attention with the sole motive of ensuring a good life for the couple. And also what makes it work is the trust and effort two people put into any relationship. Let’s not leave everything to the stars, but try to keep the people in our lives alone.

Checking Physical Compatibility by Matchmaking Kundli

As mentioned above, Vashya and Yoni Guna play a significant role in determining the ratio of physical compatibility between two people. This parameter is very important for an attractive and loving marriage. The 27 stars have a special animal power associated with each of them, indicating a person’s physical intimacy, sexual abilities and attitude.

It is also classified into avian, reptilian, animal and human forms, clearly stating the similarities and differences between the perspectives. Health is the aspect that highly dominates this Guna. It is obvious that good health is a symbol of a happy life. A certain similarity and physical compatibility is necessary for a blissful marriage.

To check the mind-spirit connection 

Astrology Janam Kundli Online Milan by name or others is important as it also predicts the behavior and physical features of a person. Gan is the Guna that shows the ratio of mental compatibility of two prospects.

It is one of the most important matches because it shows the compatibility of behavioral characteristics, which largely describes the connection between two like-minded people and otherwise. Therefore, Hindi kundli Online analysis is a significant aspect of marriage that can visualize the mind-body compatibility between two prospects.

To check financial harmony

Kundali milan for marriage also predicts the financial relationship of future bride and groom. We all know that financial stability is a must for any marriage, be it love or arranged. Through kundali milan, astrologers can predict financial harmony, stability and growth between two partners so that you can make a smart decision.

Financial security is an important feature that cannot be take lightly. In many cases, it is believe that when two people marry in union, it brings good or bad financial influences.

This is also one of the reasons why Matchmaking by Kundali is important. And who wouldn’t want a partner with strong financial conditions, can be extremely clear business progress, like really who? I’m sure you don’t want to be one!

Family Adjustment Check

In India, marriage is not limit to the relationship of two people; it is also a relationship between two families, i.e. parents, siblings and occasionally extended family members. As they meet to witness a beautiful holy matrimony, their lives are also affect.

Kundali milan for marriage predicts the bliss you can enjoy with your respective partner and their families. Since Indian families are so deeply root, kundali analysis for marriage, which predicts so many important aspects of life, becomes an essential step before finalizing a marriage match.

To check overall compatibility by Matchmaking Kundli

Kundali analysis for marriage is equally important for arranged and love marriages. Since it is based on logical reasoning, the predictions are almost accurate (only if it is do correctly). Kundali milan for marriage also helps in making the right judgment as it offers an overall prediction of compatibility.

From health, wealth, career, life and more, all kinds of compatibility are consider in kundali analysis for marriage. It also creates an image of how you can influence the life of your significant other. Hence Kundali milan for marriage to check overall compatibility is a must.


According to the Hindu religion, marriage is a sacred union between two people and must maintain its purity until the very end. Kundali milan by name or Janam kundli online analysis for marriage is very useful if all calculations are do correctly. Kundali milan for marriage helps the prospects and their family to identify the factors that may cause trouble in the future paradise.

For example, when love is the main concern, but future predictions are against holy matrimony, there are certain remedies and rituals that are perform to eradicate the harmful effects. These poojas or rituals are perform to remove the negative effects that arise due to certain planetary positions.

So even if you are struggling to survive in marriage, there are various ways to help you get the best possible solution for a blissful life.

Now you can also decode the marriage compatibility between two people with the help of free kundali analysis offered online. There are many apps that provide free Hindi kundli online analysis for marriage that offers insight into future married life. Good luck!