Onlyfans is a content-creating website. You have to subscribe to the Onlyfans creators account to see the member-only content.

Creators of onlyfans share their private photos and videos on the platform to earn money through subscriptions. The content posted is copyrighted and hence taking screenshots to earn money on other social media networks is a crime.

Let’s see, does onlyfans know if you screenshot?

Do the creators get notified when someone screen captures their content?

Onlyfans have clearly mentioned in its privacy policy to take legal action against those who screenshot the creators’ content and circulated it for money. 

If you ask, does onlyfans notify screenshots? The answer is no. Although creators will never get to know about your action of screen capturing, not even the only fans will get to know that, it should be your duty not to earn through stolen content. When you start circulating, you will get in trouble as only fans can take serious action against you.

Save the OnlyFans content

Instead of screenshots, as they can be accidentally shared and will get you in trouble, you can save the post.

If you want to capture the creator’s content for your own use, onlyfans give you the option to save the post as a subscriber. If you have invested your money, you can maximise it for your purpose.

Like if you are following a food content creator, you love a post and want to try that, you can save the post and watch it offline but can’t circulate it. If you still do that you are violating DMCA standards that could cost you in return a higher penalty or prison and you will be removed from the site permanently.

How to screenshot on onlyfans?

When someone asks if can you screenshot onlyfans then absolutely you can. But it is advised to use it for personal use only.

  • Screenshot through your window computer: just press the ‘PrtSc‘ button generally located on the top right.
  • On your Mac: press the combination of ‘command shift+ 3’
  • On your smartphone: either use the power and volume down buttons simultaneously or slide down the menu bar(works with both Android and iPhone).

Or just save the post on the website only.

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Onlyfans is strict about stealing the content of its creators. The site has a feature to destroy the content that you stole in the form of screen capture and have circulated on other social media platforms to earn money. OnlyFans can also take action against you- penalty, heavy fines, or prison.

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