Classroom management software is a part of learning management that helps manage student activities. It monitors students’ activities by monitoring and viewing their activities. The best classroom management allows instructors to observe, control, and track device usage.

With the help of this technology, teachers can keep their pupils on track when learners utilise technology in the classroom. This technology helps students study better while reducing disruptive conduct in the classrooms.

Teachers or instructors sometimes need help with multiple classroom management software availability. 

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What is Lanschool?

The first question that may strike your mind is ‘What is Lanschool?’ It’s a classroom management software from Lenovo. Thanks to the in-built virtual capacity of Lanschool that increases student engagement and offers differentiated learning in the classrooms.

It provides teachers with a range of tools and features that enable them to monitor, control, collaborate, and assess students’ activities on their computers or devices.

What else does this software offer?

  • Monitoring and Protection:

It offers a great direction to classroom learning and keeps students safe with easy-to-use, easy-to-monitor device protection features.

This feature helps teachers identify and address any potential distractions or off-task behavior. Teachers can also control students’ screens by locking or limiting access to specific applications or websites.

  • Co-teaching:

It allows teachers to share class access with other educators, paraprofessionals, and school administrators. Co-teaching significantly boosts the encouragement of teachers to share expertise, providing one another with valuable feedback.

  • Collaboration and Communication: 

The software encourages collaboration among students and teachers. It offers various communication tools such as chat, messaging, and audio-video broadcasting, facilitating instant interaction and group discussions. 

This feature enables teachers to provide immediate feedback and support to students, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

  • Content Distribution: 

Lanschool enables teachers to distribute digital content, such as files, documents, and multimedia, directly to students’ devices. This feature allows teachers to share study materials, assignments, and instructional resources quickly and efficiently. 

Students can access these materials instantly, ensuring seamless content delivery.

  • Student Information System (SIS): 

Lanschool is a centralized platform for managing student information, including attendance records, grades, schedules, and demographic data. It allows teachers to easily access and update student information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

  • Gradebook and Assignments: 

The software provides a digital grade book where teachers can record and manage students’ grades. Teachers can create assignments, enter scores, and calculate overall grades. This feature simplifies grade management, allows for automated grade calculations, and provides a clear overview of student performance.

Lanschool includes a built-in grade book that allows teachers to record and calculate grades, track student progress, and generate reports. It provides detailed analytics on student performance, enabling educators to identify areas of improvement and tailor instruction accordingly.

  • Video Capturing:

The class management offers screen recording. This allows recording or saving all the crucial lectures in any primary video format. 

Video recording makes it easy to add any special extra effect or edit any part of the lecture. It comes in the list of top-notch functionality in class management systems.

Video-capturing technology is one of the best learning experiences for teachers and students.

  • User Friendly:

With a classroom management system, course and class timetable management become effortless. The quality of course content can be enhanced as per the needs. 

Teachers can monitor students’ progress in real-time. They can send broadcasting messages to students by using collaborative tools.

  • Communication and Messaging: 

This tool facilitates seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents. It offers messaging, announcements, and alerts, enabling instant and targeted communication. 

Teachers can share important updates, assignments, and reminders with students and their parents, fostering effective collaboration and engagement.

  • Attendance Tracking: 

With Lanschool, teachers can easily record and track student attendance. The software allows efficient attendance management, marking students as present, absent, or tardy. It provides attendance reports and statistics to monitor student attendance patterns.

  • Course Management: 

Lanschool enables teachers to create and organize courses, including modules, assignments, quizzes, and discussions. It provides a user-friendly interface where educators can structure their curriculum, upload course materials, and set assignment due dates.

  • Online Assignments and Assessments: 

Teachers can create and distribute assignments, quizzes, and exams digitally through Canvas. It supports various question types, including multiple-choice, essay, and file uploads. Students can submit their work online, and teachers can provide feedback and grades efficiently within the platform.

  • Communication and Collaboration: 

This classroom management software offers various tools for communication and collaboration, fostering engagement and interaction among students and teachers. Discussion boards, messaging, and announcement features enable seamless communication, while group projects and collaboration tools promote teamwork and shared learning experiences.

Bottom Line:

Classroom management software offers a new room to students for learning, growing, and exploring. Teachers or instructors can also track their activities to find loopholes and report it to their parents.