Henna Design is a temporary body art. Henna is usually applied to celebrate religious festivals or weddings. Henna is a natural dye and has been used for thousands of years across North Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East to create beautiful patterns on hands and feet. The ancient practice is steeped in tradition and cultural rituals.

Unlike permanent tattoos, which require extensive healing, heenna design in Dubai is safe and has no side effects. Henna lasts for about two weeks. It also provides an easy way to express yourself without worrying about commitment. Whether you want to make a statement with a bold floral pattern or try out a more minimalist design, there are plenty of options available for every taste.

Sara Munafer first learned to adorn herself with henna in her native Sri Lanka, where the traditional temporary body art is popular among Muslim and Hindu women at Eid celebrations, weddings, and other special occasions. Now, living in Dubai, Munafer runs her own henna business and shares her designs online to inspire women around the world. She uses only the best, organic henna paste and customises her designs to suit each client’s unique needs.

Another Dubai-based henna expert is Azra Khamissa, who draws on a range of linear and minimalist styles to give the ancient art a contemporary look. Her goal is to update the way henna is sold and marketed, too. “I want to bring henna into the mainstream, so people can see that it’s a modern art form and not just something for a bride or a party,” she says.

Mehndi is also an essential part of bridal beauty, so it’s no surprise that many salons specialize in this service. The Henna Salon at Grand Flora is one such example. The salon offers the best henna in Dubai, and its artists are experienced at designing the most intricate motifs. They use high-quality henna and provide their clients with a relaxing experience.

This family-owned and operated henna parlor is known for its premium products and high-quality services. Its henna comes in various colors, including black jagua and natural brown, and customers can choose a specific design or ask the staff to create a personalized look for them. Moreover, the parlor has an in-house therapist who is experienced in treating skin conditions.

Located in the heart of Dubai, Afrina Henna and Training Centre is committed to preserving the art of applying henna and making it accessible for all women. The team of highly qualified henna artists specializes in a variety of traditional, Indian, and Arabic designs that are both detailed and elegant. Its henna is free of chemicals and preservatives, making it safer for sensitive skin types. The company also offers its henna in a kit that can be easily stored and used at home. The henna kits are available for sale online and in select retail stores. In addition to henna, Afrina also offers mehndi courses and certifications for those interested in learning the skill.