Moving to a new country requires a proper visa and beginning a new life. If you marry to Australian permanent resident or citizen, you can be eligible for a spouse visa. It is the perfect gateway for individuals to access permanent residence in Australia. 

It helps you sponsor a loved one in a foreign country and live together without hassle. If your partner or spouse is a permanent resident holder, you can qualify for an Australia spouse visa. Department of home affairs Australia lets applicants access them in different ways.

Everythings to Know for Australia Spouse Visa

  • Provisional visa subclass 309:

It is a temporary visa, and he lives in Australia with the sport until you endorse a PR visa.

  • Permanent visa subclass 100:

It works as a permanent visa provided to the person who keeps an Australia partner visa subclass 309. Such a type of visa lets the partner or spouse live permanently in Australia. 

  • Benefits gained by people:

A visa is an important requirement to visit a country. You must understand the procedure carefully and begin the procedure very soon. With the advent of technology, you can find reputable Migration agents Melbourne and proceed with further steps.

  • A visa is beneficial for a person to live with an Australian partner permanently.
  • It lets you study and work anywhere in the country.
  • Applicants obtain some social security payments in the country.
  • You can benefit from the Australian public health care scheme.
  • It enables you to travel to and from the country at different times for five years.
  • Spouses don’t write English language exams.
  • You may also include family members in the application. 
  • No fund requires revealing the minimum amount.
  • No age limit is applicable to apply for a spouse visa.

Important Requirements to Meet for Australia Spouse Visa:

You must meet some important requirements to qualify for an Australia spouse visa. An immigration agent helps you carry out all necessary processes and fulfill requirements. 


The relationship is the foremost requirement to apply for a spouse visa. Relationships must be genuine, either de facto or married. Whether you prove relationship status, you must take care of necessary things.

  • Couples must commit to a shared life together.
  • The relationship must continue and confirm.
  • Marriage must be lawful.
  • Couples try to spend time together.
  • Couples commit to sharing liability.

All these things are monitored by the Department of home affairs Australia carefully. Based on these things, they understand relationship status. Department of home affairs can interview candidates or sponsors to choose whether the relationship is genuine or not.

Health requirement:

Applicants and family members applying for such visas must fulfill health requirements. If you want to prove health status, family members must go for a medical exam like

  • HIV
  • Chest X-ray
  • TB screening test
  • Other tests may also require based on personal circumstance

Pay debts to the government:

Whether family members or sponsors owe government debts, the department of home affairs rejects the spouse visa application. Applicants must pay or arrange to repay a debt before qualifying for a spouse visa. 


Applicants and family members must manage good character. It signifies you and your family members must be eighteen years or older. Applications bring a police clearance certificate to confirm character status. Character requirements may vary for military and ship workers. You can speak with the Migration Agent in Melbourne and understand the requirements.

Previous visa refusal or cancellation:

Spouse visa refused or denied by the Department of home affairs because of misrepresentation. Applicants may ban and deport from entry to the country. They are difficult to get approval for a spouse visa.

You must focus on some other requirements to apply for a spouse visa. It may differ based on individual circumstances for clarification. You can consult expectations regarding visas and gain a better understanding of them.

Handle process efficiently:

Once finishing requirements, candidates start the visa process. If you apply for a spouse visa, you can follow important steps.

Check visa eligibility:

When it comes to an Australian spouse visa, the applicant and sponsor fulfill visa requirements.

  • Australian debt
  • Previous sponsor status
  • Health requirements
  • Character requirements
  • Genuine relationship

Sponsor meets sponsorship obligation and supports basic requirements like

  • Financial assistance like an English language course
  • Other support 
  • Accommodation

Prepare necessary documents:

Documents play an important role in the visa process. If you have doubts about preparing documents, Migration Agent Melbourne helps you clear your doubts. Spouse visa will refuse approval based on how much you present the document to the authority. With the applicant or sponsor personal circumstances, you can start visa requirements. Applicant must refer to the document checklist and know more process.

Apply for a visa:

Once you finish the document requirements, you can go for a visa. Applicant must pay the required fee for the visa. The sponsor or applicant’s task is to inform changes after the lodgment of the application.

Obtain good outcome:

The last step is a visa decision based on supportive document verification and an interview with the sponsor or applicant. Once you get a visa, you can fly to respective and live together.