There is no denying that screen printing is an art. It requires keen observation, talent, and people who are passionate about their work.

The procedure is extremely intriguing! So, at Real Thread, we created a step-by-step tutorial on how the t-shirt screen printing process works. Screen Printing Process

We wanted to offer you a broad concept of what to expect when it comes to good ‘ol screenprinting, even if it might not be EXACTLY the same from print shop to a print shop. AhegaoHoodie

We hope you appreciate this inside look at the t-shirt screen printing process, whether you’re completely new to screen printing, have only taken a brief screen printing course in college, or are even a professional screen printer.

An Idea. Your Idea.

Every project begins with you, in the same location! Working with so

many creative individuals and assisting in bringing their designs to life on

gorgeous t-shirts is one of the things that makes what we do such a delight.  Ahegao

The art team will provide a free high-resolution digital prototype of your

t-shirt design after you submit your proposal. There won’t be any surprises since the artists will take into consideration

the ink colors and how they interact with each distinct type of t-shirt fabric.

They will also offer you an exact representation of how your shirt will appear when it comes out of the packaging. We’ll go on to the next stage once you give your digital t-shirt prototype your approval. Ahegao Faces

Reclaiming & Burning the Screen

The picture will then be burnt onto a recently cleaned screen (or numerous screens, depending on the number of colors in your t-shirt design) in the screen room.

Consider each screen as a massive stencil to get the fullest understanding of how screen printing operates.

Your design is initially covered in a coating of this emulsion-green substance Ahegao pfp

when we create it on the screen. The portion of your stencil that is solid and prevents ink from passing through the screen is called an emulsion.

 Mixing Up Colors!

To provide you with the precise shade or color you desire, our mix masters experiment with the delicate balancing act of blending ink colors.

Even our Pantone colors match! There’s no need to worry if you’re picky about your brand (as you should be)

; we’ve got you covered. The ink mixer prepares the inks for printing Ahegao T-Shirt

by mixing them according to the Pantone Matching System.

Onto the Press

Inking up the shirts is the final stage in the custom t-shirt procedure. To guarantee that your shirts are always printed precisely, a press operator will align your screens and load your shirt using a laser alignment tool.

Your t-shirt will be unloaded by a different press worker once it has passed through all the filters. To make sure there are no flaws or faults with the screen or the press during printing, they will carefully inspect each shirt. Screen Printing Process

The shirts will then be placed in the drier after that. This dryer isn’t quite like the one you would use at home to dry clothes. Your shirts are sent through on a belt by this enormous machine, where they are caught by a catcher at the other end. Your completed t-shirt will be held by the catcher next to Ahegao irl