In this digital age, when academic competition is fierce, students may go out of the box to win a race. In this situation, maintaining essay writing integrity has become a crucial task. Students chose to pick up already available data and make them their own by paraphrasing. It leads to generate plagiarism, and that’s a crime in academic writing. To check the honesty of students’ writing, Turnitin launched WriteCheck. If you are a teacher or student and have yet to use it, you must check it out.

Introduction to WriteCheck:

Did you know that WriteCheck is one the best tools that give a clear and accurate idea about essay writing integrity? WriteCheck, developed by Turnitin, is a paid online plagiarism and grammar checker tool. Scholars use it to determine academic and professional writing morality. Turnitin introduced WriteCheck to find any similarity between the submitted and existing content. It is a trusted tool that provides complete information about the originality of the content. That’s why all university and college-going students and teachers prefer WriteCheck to examine their essay writing integrity.

This article will examine WriteCheck’s role in identifying essay writing integrity and how to uphold it. We will also explore the updates of WriteCheck here.

Importance of Academic Integrity and Originality in Essay Writing:

To do academic writing, a set of rules and regulations are available that avoid dishonesty in work, known as academic integrity. Academic integrity plays a vital role in our education system. Originality in essay writing allows students to create new ideas, research, and write unique and original content. If a student follows the rules and regulations to maintain essay writing integrity, it will help to improve his personal growth. But if someone doesn’t follow such instructions while writing essays, it can lead to face severe results.

Due to the availability of all types of data on the Internet, academic dishonesty is the most common issue nowadays. Students copy others’ data without giving them credit and write it as their own. This is when they face red flags like plagiarism in their work. It is necessary to inform the students about the basic principles to avoid academic dishonesty. You can buy essays online from credible sources if you need help writing essays. But don’t do dishonesty like plagiarism and cheating in your essay writing. Let’s dive further into it to check why academic integrity is vital in academic writing:

  • Academic honesty promotes educational chances of creativity and learning to succeed.
  • Academic integrity is essential to check students’ learning accurately and build trust.
  • Academic honesty is the first step in valuing learning and increases respect for others.
  • Dishonesty in academic writing can harm an institution’s reputation while lowering the worth of a degree.
  • Academic honesty predicts the future behavior of that student in the workplace.
  • It helps to encourage student-teacher communication and personal growth.

How to Use WriteCheck for Plagiarism Checking and Grammar Tips:

Updates on WriteCheck:

Before we go in-depth, you must know that Turnitin shut down WriteCheck in November 2019. Turnitin updated WriteCheck because they considered it unnecessary to provide feedback on students’ detailed plagiarism reports. They replaced it with Turnitin feedback studio, widely used in institutions worldwide. No doubt, this update caused a lot of people to feel stressed. But if you are a student or teacher associated with any institution, Turnitin claims to provide access to the institutions.

Turnitin is still the best and most helpful tool used to check essay writing integrity. Let’s see how to use it for plagiarism checking and grammar tips:

Start with Making an Account:

Make an account on Turnitin or use your teacher’s account to check your academic report. To make an account, you must have access to the Turnitin. Ask your institution, and they will inform you about their subscription details. When they give you access, you can create your account by entering your details accurately.

Enroll Yourself in a Class:

After signup, you can enroll yourself in a class. If your institution uses the LMS system, you may get enrolled automatically. If they don’t allow it, go to your account and click on enroll in a class or a similar option. Enter the required information there, like your class ID, etc.

Submit your Writing:

After you get enrolled in a class, go to submit your document. Click on the submit button and follow the instructions. It will ask you to upload your essay document from your computer. Press the confirm to get results.

Review your Report:

Check out the report for plagiarism, grammar mistakes, AI content, and more. Turnitin analyses your essay thoroughly and provides detailed results. Its similarity report highlights all the content matching existing content, including internet research and published articles.

Analyse and Check your Plagiarism Report:

Turnitin highlights the similarity points of your essay with different colors with grading. Check out its percentage from the report and improve your content integrity where needed. Add proper citations and references to your content and rephrase while maintaining essay writing integrity.

Use Turnitin to Get Grammar Tips:

You can also check your grammar mistakes on Turnitin and improve your essay writing. Look for the grammar suggestions interface in Turnitin. It includes suggestions on grammar rules, tips for clear sentence structure, punctuation, and unnecessary use of verbs. By using these suggestions, you can improve and sustain your essay writing integrity.

Turnitin’s AI Indicator: A New Feature:

Developing AI detection tools has become necessary with the emerging Artificial intelligence technology. Turnitin also released its AI detection tool in 2023. It works to detect AI content in the long form of articles written in English. If you have Turnitin’s subscription, you can use this feature for free. However, as of 2024, only users of Turnitin Originality or TFS with Originality having a licence will have access to the entire AI writing detection tool.

Final Thoughts on Maintaining Academic Integrity:

Academic writing is a fundamental part of students’ life. But it is also essential to maintain its integrity. Academic dishonesty is a sin that cannot be forgiven. Students should focus on creating their ideas and follow the rules of citation and paraphrasing. Turnitin’s WriteCheck, with its update, is an effective tool for maintaining essay writing integrity. But before you start using it, follow the proper guidelines for academic writing. In order to buy essays online with academic integrity, check out this credible site named The Academic Papers UK.