5g stands for the 5th generation of cellular networks that offer high-speed internet. The downloading speed becomes four times of the previous generation network(4g lte).

The bandwidth it offers is 1000 times 4g LTE, which means many devices can be connected to the same network without any disturbance. But the main drawback is it consumes battery in minutes. So when you know how to disable 5g on Android, you can make the best use of it.

Why Should People Want to Turn Off 5g?

Even though 5g offers high-speed internet with a large bandwidth, battery consumption is still its main drawback. Apart from it, there are many other reasons that people want to turn off 5g:

  • The first reason is that it consumes the phones’ battery a lot. Without battery life, there is no use of 5g or even 4g.
  • As there are not many ports of 5g that have been installed in some countries. That is why people feel no difference between the network speed of 4g lte and 5g. So they explore how to turn off 5g.
  • Some network providers offer little usage of the internet on 5g. So to save that limit people turn off 5g.
  • 5g interrupts the network while travelling.

How To Turn off 5g on Android

  • Open the settings from your Android device
  • Search for “connections”
  • Then click on “mobile networks”
  • Click on “network mode”
  • Select the network you want to choose. Most probably “LTE/3G/2G” for 4g and lower connections that will automatically disable 5g.

How To Turn off 5g from on iPhone/iPad

  • Open “settings”
  • Search for “cellular”, then click on “cellular data options”
  • Click on “voice and data”
  • Select the network. Most prefer to select “LTE” or “5G auto” for higher-speed networks. 5G auto will connect to 5G only when a high speed is available.

How To Turn off 5g from Google Pixel

  • Open “settings” from your phone
  • Search for “network and internet”
  • Click on “SIMS”
  • Search for “preferred network type” and click on it
  • Select the “4G” network from there to disable the 5G network.


Get the maximum benefits from a 5G network if available in your area. When you know how to turn 5g off on Android, you can use it smartly. When there is no need for higher speed, turn it off or set it on “5G auto”. It will save your battery life and provide you with a higher speed of internet when available.